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The 31st degree is the judicial branch of the Scottish Rite; the 32nd degree is the military degree. The 31st and 32 degrees culminate the teachings of the Scottish Rite, and must be conferred in full ritual form.

31° Inspector Inquisitor 

32° Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret

The 31st Degree: Inspector Inquisitor

The lesson of the 31st Degree: Inspector Inquisitor (Southern Jurisdiction), Knight Aspirant (Northern Jurisdiction), or Inspector Inquisitor Commander (Canada) is to judge yourself in the same light as you judge others, considering both actions and motives. This degree teaches prayerful self-examination. The mistakes today should not be committed... Read More

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The 32nd Degree: Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret

The lessons of the 32nd Degree: Master of the Royal Secret (Southern Jurisdiction) or Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret (Northern Jurisdiction and Canada) are: a Soldier of the Light seeks truth and knowledge; a Soldier of Freedom demands for the people free vote and voice and attains freedom of voice, vote and opinion for himself; a Soldier of the... Read More

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