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The Freemason Network

The Freemason Network is a social networking site that connects you to thousands of other Masons around the US and 147 countries around the World!   It’s simple to use, gives you the latest news and opinions about Masonic topics and connects you to your Brothers near and far.


Free membership includes:

• Masonic news and events from all over the US
• Share the Light in discussion forums, create your blog
• See Masonic pictures and videos

Join the Group for YOUR Grand Lodge!

The Freemason Network is hosted by The Supreme Council, 33°

1733 16th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20009-3103


You must be a Mason to join the Freemason Network.

If you are not a Mason, find out more about becoming part of the oldest Fraternal Organization in the World!

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