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The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry - Southern Jurisdiction is making a new tool available exclusively to Scottish Rite Masons, known as SR Chirp. This is a personal communication and messaging utility which operates as a mobile phone application and is unique to the Scottish Rite.

Maintaining meaningful personal communications in today’s fast-paced and technology intense day can be challenging. Smartphones are everywhere, and a variety or services including Facebook, Twitter, and text messaging make keeping in touch possible using many different methods.

Each popular technology provides benefits as well as challenges. With so much information available to us, it’s often hard to keep track of some of the messages that are most important.

The name “Chirp” was selected by the application’s developer, which has other business-to-consumer projects apart from the Scottish Rite. SR Chirp messages are known as “Chirps.”

Using the application, Scottish Rite members may to “Chirp” to each other and share their experiences, day-to-day interactions and thoughts, updates from their local Valleys and Orients, or simply stay connected throughout the jurisdiction.

The application enables Scottish Rite Masons to quickly and conveniently communicate and interact. Although SR Chirp is similar to text messaging in some ways, because SR Chirp is usable only by Scottish Rite members, it becomes simple to separate communications with brothers from the sometimes overwhelming number of messaging that are part of our personal and business lives.

SR Chirp users also customize the messages that they desire to see. A user might elect to view only messages from his own Valley, or might decide to reach out to another Valley where he is traveling. Because the application is location-aware, users can elect to see messages and interact with other users easily and conveniently wherever they are—and not see messages from locations or Valleys that are not of immediate interest.

Installation is simple and registration requires only that you confirm your membership and create a user ID through the portal if you have not already done so. Activation instructions are included with the application installation.

Please download SR Chirp and be part of the online and mobile community. We’re looking forward to getting acquainted!

SR Chirp is available as a free download on both Apple iPhone and Android mobile platforms.

For Mobile Devices

Here are the mobile links to download the free app from your phone.



The universal link will route your phone to the appropriate store when clicked from your phone.

For PC Desktops & Laptops running Microsoft Windows 7, 8, and 10*

Click here to start downloading SR Chirp version 8.2.0. (Please note this link will take you directly to the GW Systems web site. If you have any questions or concerns, please email

*Please note SR Chirp is not yet available for Apple desktops & laptops.

Not A Scottish Rite Mason?

There’s more to Masonry than three degrees. Please click here to learn more about Scottish Rite Masonry:

Not A Freemason?

SR Chirp is available only to Scottish Rite Masons. For more information about Freemasonry and the opportunities available through membership, please click here:

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