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The Purpose of the Knight of The Double Eagle Award (KDEA) is to recognize members of the valley who are active and participate in Scottish Rite Activities and is intended to be a display of recognition for a member’s activity in the valley throughout their lifetime. All members of the valley of Sacramento are eligible to become a Knight of The Double Eagle by becoming involved in the events and activities conducted and sponsored by the valley.

                          AWARD PROGRAM AND GUIDELINES

MEMBERSHIP: Top/Bottom line signer on a petition/affiliation; restoration of an old member to active status.

SERVICE: Serve as an elected officer, appointed officer, chairman of a committee, work on a committee, participate in a called work party, degree/ritual participation and other activities as authorized by the chairman of the Knight of The Double Eagle Award committee.

EVENTS: Attend or participate in various events, i.e., Ceremonies of Remembrance and Renewal, official visits of the Sovereign Grand Inspector General (S.G.I.G.) or other officials, reunions, Knights of Saint Andrew, benevolent work on special events associated with the center, attend/work KCCH Investiture or 33° Coronation and other events as authorized by the chairman of the Knight of The Double Eagle Award Committee.

GENERAL GUIDELINES: Points for the award are accumulated on a calendar year basis and the cut-off is December 31st each year. The award will normally be presented in January of each year. It is the responsibility of each committee chairmen to turn in the minutes reflecting member attendance to each committee after each member to ensure they are included to the list the day of the event. Stated meeting points will be tallied by referring to the dinner reservation and signin sheets located on the Tilers registrar. Please write your name legibly to receive credit for attendance. Any points received after the cut-off date will be applied to the next year. Points roll over from year to year.

Points will be posted outside of the lodge room before each meeting. Effective date of these guidelines is January 1st thru December 31st of each year.

The KDEA Chairman and his respective committee of officers are appointed annually, in January of each year, by Sacramento Scottish Rite Valley Personal Representative of the SGIG in California. The KDEA program is overseen by the Venerable Master of the Lodge of Perfection, with day-to-day program execution performed by the KDEA committee.


Personal Representative
General Secretary
Committee Chairmen (each committee chaired)
Director of the Work
Degree Master
Officer Elected (with at least 75% attendance to all Scottish Rite events)
Officer elected KCCH Club
Club Coordinator
Scottish Rite Club Presidents
Top line signer on a petition for membership or affiliation (each instance)

$1,500 perpetual membership
Working all day in the kitchen (per day)
Working all day on the stage crew (per day)
Working all day in some other capacity (per day)


Assistant Secretary
Attend 33° Coronation
Attend KCCH Investiture
Attend Ceremony of Remembrance
Attend Feast of Tishri
Attend Setting Maul
Attend Official visit of SGIG
Attend Reunion (points each day fully attended as sideliner)
Attend scheduled Scottish Rite Lodge visits (traveling meeting)
Attend annual crab feed
Attend Ring and Cap Ceremony
Attend called work party
Degree Participation – Lecture (per degree)
Cook for Scottish Rite functions (all day)
Officer appointed (with at least 75% attendance to all Scottish Rite events)
Committee member (with at least 75% attendance to all committee meetings)
Present JROTC/ROTC Award
Causing restauration of membership
Bottom line signer on a petition for membership or affiliation (per instance)
$200 Perpetual membership


Degree participation – smaller part/nonverbal (per degree)
Attend Scottish Rite Youth Visit
Attend Club meeting
Attend KCCH meeting
Attend Knight of Saint Andrew meeting
Attend Officers Conference
Attend Committee meeting
Attend regular Stated meeting
Attend Stated meeting dinner
Attend Investment Committee
Attend special meetings (per meeting)



*Travelling Brother (75+ miles traveled to attend Scottish Rite event)

*Attend Further Light in Masonry


*Attend degree practice (per instance)


*Bring guest to any event (per guest on dinner reservation list)


500 POINTS…………...Basic medallion with ribbon
1,000 POINTS………..Red hanging bar
1,500 POINTS………..White hanging bar
2,000 POINTS………..Blue hanging bar
2,500 POINTS………..Gold hanging bar with members name engraved
5,000 POINTS………..The medallion ribbon changed to red
7,500 POINTS………..The medallion ribbon changed to white
10,000 POINTS………The medallion ribbon changed to blue
15,000 POINTS………A gold double-headed eagle pin to be attached on the ribbon
20,000 POINTS………The medallion ribbon changed to striped red, white and blue

KDEA Bars.jpg

When the maximum points have been achieved, the participant may still, at his own discretion continue to gain additional points. An additional gold double-headed eagle pin will be awarded for each additional 5,000 points earned after the initial 20,000 points have been earned.


How long will it take to earn the awards? That is up to you. The medallion can be earned fairly quickly, and additional points may continue to be accumulated until the maximum is reached. Points earned are verified and approved by the responsible Body Head, Director, or Committee Chair, where each participant records his activities on his respective individual activity record. A formal knighting ceremony is held every January at the Workers Appreciation and Awards Ceremony. At which time new Knights are awarded their initial ribbon, medallion and hanging bar(s), as appropriate. Members who have been knighted previously are awarded their upgraded regalia the same evening. KDEA regalia shall be worn at ALL times whenever the Scottish Rite Cap is required attire at Scottish Rite functions. These include, but are not limited to Reunions, Masonic Information Night, Valley Stated Meetings, and other official meetings of the Sacramento Valley Scottish Rite. The regalia can be worn when visiting other Scottish Rite Valleys.

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