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Scottish Rite Videos

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The following videos are available from Membership Services.

Scottish Rite House of the Temple – Welcome and A Symbolic Journey DVD:

A two DVD Box set. The first of these two videos shows our members, from the famous to your neighbor next-door, as they talk about Scottish Rite Masonry. The second video is a virtual tour showing several areas of the House of the Temple including: The Library, Executive Chamber, Americanism Museum, Philanthropy Room, a special peek in the Archives vault and ending the tour with the Temple Room.

To request these DVDs please contact:


What is a Scottish Rite Mason?

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"Being a Scottish Rite Mason makes me a better man.” This fast paced contemporary video shows members in all walks of life in today’s modern World. (1:10 minutes)

Masonry and Military

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Merlen Howe is a 30-year Naval and Marine Corps Chaplain, Retired, who has traveled the globe and attended Masonic meetings wherever he went, including an outpost in Antarctica. In fact he was directly responsible for establishing a square and compass club in Antarctica, which still exists today.

A Way of Life – The Walter Breuning Story

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A great perspective from one of the oldest and youngest members of the Scottish Rite and their story. (5:00 minutes)


There Comes a Time – Dr. Richard Draper

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The heartwarming real life story of a Doctor’s Scottish Rite journey and the lives he touches. (long version- 7:40 minutes)


Is Freemasonry Relevant in Today's World?

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Several respond to the question including Brad Paisley, Dan Brown, Senator Mike Enzi of Wyoming and more. (5:40 minutes)


Family & Friends – Women of the Scottish Rite

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A great video showing how women value men’s participation in the Fraternity. (5:30 minutes) 


Two Men, Two Brothers – One Journey

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A tale of two men, Merlen and Rich, both members of the Austin Valley in Texas, both from two completely different walks of life and culture, yet are brought together by the Scottish Rite. (4:42 minutes)


Merlen & Rich

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Two short individual interviews of Merlen and Rich. (1:17 and 1:25 minutes)


Borgnine 4th Degree

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Ernest Borgnine, Grand Cross, Oscar winner, movie and TV actor opens up with introduction to the 4th degree. This is great video to show at the beginning of every reunion. It will make lasting impression on every candidate. (3:53 minutes)


Borgnine Tribute w/ Grand Commander

San Diego Leadership Conference

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This is a live on stage recording of Ernest Borgnine and the Grand Commander, Ronald Seale. Both are engaged in a wonderful one-on-one with the audience in this remarkable video. Borgnine talks about his Masonic journey from a small Lodge in Virginia to his stardom in Hollywood. This celebrated screen and TV star has a great insight of his life in Masonry. (3:08 minutes)


Brad Paisley “Tolerance”

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Country Star and 32° Scottish Rite Mason Brad Paisley gives thoughts on tolerance in Masonry. (1:29 min.)


Faith & Symbolism

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A new look at Freemasonry and the Scottish Rite from Rabbi Rami Shapiro, award winning author, poet and educator. His views will be an inspiration to everyone. (1:39 minutes)


Men of the Scottish Rite – Prelude of Images

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Members from across the country discuss an array of topics. This video is ten minutes long and is the perfect length for Lodge programs. (9:44 min.)


Service – The Story of Dr. Nathan Box

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A surgeon from Joplin, Missouri tells his story from washing dishes at the Valley to performing emergency surgery during the Joplin tornado. (2:00 min.)


Joplin Food Drive

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The story of the Valley of Joplin stepping up to assist the community after one of the worst tornadoes struck the area in their history. (3:00 min.)


Dr. Draper

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Shorter version of “There comes a Time” (2 minutes).


Field of Dreams...Scottish Rite Again

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This powerful video features James Earl Jones in his famous scene from the movie “Field of Dreams” and how the Scottish Rite can be again. (4:00 min.)


A Soldier’s Story

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A sense of community and leadership is what Masonry teaches this soldier. His life as a soldier and values help him become a better man. (1:43 min.)


Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

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An inspiring story of a member of the Honor Guard of the U.S. Army at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and a Mason. (1:00 min.) WSB Club videos: Members of the WSB Club have access to several mini-series from the “House of the Temple” These series are a behind-the-scenes look, showing unique artifacts housed in the building and books from the Library. (1:04 min)

Scottish Rite Sojourner Continues His Journey

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Being new to the Washington, DC area Staff Sergeant Kyle Emmel, 32° wanted help planning a bicycle trip. Kyle’s friends at Membership Services went over his maps and helped him plan a course for a great trip and a chance to meet other Scottish Rite Masons along the way. Enjoy Kyle’s journey as this video provides a view through his eyes. (2:02 minutes)


Scottish Rite Tough Mudder Teams

2013 Lake Tahoe Team:

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2014 Lake Tahoe Team:

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The first Scottish Rite Tough Mudder Team participated at Lake Tahoe in 2013 and again in 2014. Tough Mudder provided an ideal opportunity for SR Members and Valleys to sponsor a team of participants and encourage volunteer participation by Scottish Rite Masons and their families. These two videos show how this event creates a strong bond of brotherhood and builds teamwork in a Valley.


Tribute to Little Jimmy Dickens

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This video pays tribute to one of the greatest country music stars of all time. Brother Jimmy went on to become the longest-running member of the Grand Ole Opry. He continued to play the Opry until the very end of his life and was loved by all.


Brother to Brother - Roy Murdoch

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A touching story of 92-year-old member from Memphis, TN who is retired living in Virginia. A past mentor to many of his Valley brothers as he misses back home.

The Tyler’s Place Podcast Promo

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A video spoof of the popular TV show “Get Smart” promoting “The Tyler’s Place Podcast”.

The Tyler’s Place Podcast - Promo #2

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The Tyler's Place Podcast Video

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Host Maynard Edwards takes his camera and ask people" What is a Scottish Rite Mason?”. You won't believe the answers Maynard gets!

VMAP and St. Paul Valley

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See this wonderful video produced by the Valley of St. Paul and learn about their success with VMAP.


SR Chirp

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Great video promoting a members-only communication app.

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