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To Await A Time With Patience

Explaining The Chamber of Reflection As one observes the increasing interest among Masons in the history and meaning of the various ceremonies of the Craft, one notices that one of the most popular objects of that interest is the Chamber of Reflection, a room meant to be used for the placement of a candidate before the commencement of his initiation. The purpose of such a room is to give the candidate a period of time to meditate and reflect on what he is about to undertake. As this idea has recently become more intriguing to brethren, it behooves us to seek some kind of clarification amongst ourselves as to what this procedure is, and why it might be considered important to the initiation o

Masonic Education Today: It is Available If…

Learning about Freemasonry was a childhood obsession. My maternal grandfather, who was a Mason, died three months before I was born. He left two lapel pins—small gold square and compasses. My grandmother, an active Eastern Star, gave each pin to her two daughters with the admonition that the pin should go to the first male that they either married or who was their child and who became a Mason. As the oldest grandson, I grew up seeing that lapel pin on my mother’s dresser. I wanted to know what that pin meant, what it was all about. My mother would only say that one day it would be explained. My father never joined Masonry, although he supported it through my membership in DeMolay, and for my

A Pathway to Masonic Knowledge

What do we really mean by the term Masonic Education? After all, learning can be accomplished by something as informal as two brothers talking about the fraternity over a cup of coffee, to the more formal membership in a Masonic Lodge of Research. So how do we define what this term? Simply stated, Masonic Education is any source through which a Mason becomes more knowledgeable about his fraternity. Small discussion groups have been very popular in lodges around the country. Informal groups discuss such things as Masonic ritual, the esoteric aspects of the fraternity, charitable activities of the lodge, and the lodge’s commitment to the well-being of their community. More intense studies are

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