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The Point Within A Circle

This is a symbol of great interest and importance, and brings us into close connection with the early symbolism of the solar orb and the universe, which was predominant in the ancient sun-worship. The lectures of Freemasonry give what modern Monitors have made an exoteric explanation of the symbol, in telling us that the point represents an individual Brother, the circle the boundary line of his duty to God and man, and the two perpendicular parallel lines the patron saints of the Order: Saint John the Baptist and Saint John the Evangelist. But that this was not always its symbolic signification, we may collect from the true history of its connection with the phallus of the Ancient Mysteries

The Three Great Pillars

WISDOM, STRENGTH AND BEAUTY Three, a number that has, from time immemorial, represented divinity and creation. One father and one mother joined to create a third, creation at its most fundamental form. It also represents Body, Soul, and Spirit, which closely relates to the three essential emanations of creation; the thought, the word, and the act. Even before the Christian trinity, the early mono-theists like the Zoroastrians and Mithras's as well as the pantheons of the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and even the Hindus had their essential three. So, it's not surprising that our craft, though not a religion but a faith based fraternity, would find the number three in much of its work. Thr

To Learn. To Subdue My Passions.

To learn to subdue my passions. As Freemasons we have heard this phrase many times. Chances are you have even recited it. Have you truly thought about it what it means? To be completely honest, when I asked a friend of mine for a petition to join the Craft, I really had no idea what Masonry was about or what it offered. I had never heard the slogan “We make good men better.”, I just remember some friends of my parents who would come to the house when I was a small child, and several of them wore a Masonic ring. Many times since becoming a Master Mason, I've asked myself "How does attending lodge make me a better man?” It can't be the meal we serve or the opening of the lodge. It sure isn't

The Class and the Reunion

That Saturday morning experience with “The Class” only serves to set us forth on our way. And what a journey of discovery it might prove to be. In the Fall and Spring of each year, Southern Jurisdiction Scottish Rite Masons gather in fraternal reunions where the order of business is the conferral of five or more of our ritual degree presentations for the benefit of new initiates as well as the enjoyment and enlightenment of others in the audience, not the least of which are the degree cast members themselves. From city to city and across the land, these fraternal experiences take place. In some locations the presentations are often quite involved. The drama unfolds on a professional quality

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