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The Class and the Reunion

That Saturday morning experience with “The Class” only serves to set us forth on our way. And what a journey of discovery it might prove to be.

In the Fall and Spring of each year, Southern Jurisdiction Scottish Rite Masons gather in fraternal reunions where the order of business is the conferral of five or more of our ritual degree presentations for the benefit of new initiates as well as the enjoyment and enlightenment of others in the audience, not the least of which are the degree cast members themselves.

From city to city and across the land, these fraternal experiences take place. In some locations the presentations are often quite involved. The drama unfolds on a professional quality stage to the accompaniment of a pipe organ and choir. Elaborate backdrops and lighting with artfully designed props can transport the audience who has any imagination at all to distant lands and times as the age-old lessons evolve.

In other venues, the fare is much simpler. Limited by finances or space, the degree cast must often work with a paucity of theatrical equipment and add-ons. Absent is the majestic rumble of the organ, the painted canvas, and the banks of spotlights illuminating the unfolding drama. Street clothes and not costumes, Scottish Rite caps and not wigs are evident.

Perhaps the audience must engage more, and what they now see will only be seen with the “mind’s eye” as the world of make-believe is left to each participant to himself discover. Yet the lessons taught, the truths espoused, and the message remain constant. At these reunions, it is often assumed that our primary purpose is initiatory, to acquire new members.

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